Hi there! My name is Chantelle aka Fusion-Fit mom.

I was born in Kwa-Zulu Natal and grew up in Gauteng. All my life I was introduced to some form of fitness, hence my passion for Health and Fitness today! I always played some sort of sport. I played Netball, Action Cricket, Girls Cricket, Tennis, Athletics and I was always in the gym.

I'm also a creative person and decided to study Graphic design, where I did my 2 year diploma. Nevertheless after studying I found myself struggling to get work as a designer. After a few years of being waitress, I found a job but soon realized the income I made will not be sustainable. I also started to lose alot of weight due to stress. 
Alot of things happened in between, but to make a long story short I  was introduced to a company that changed everything for me. Being a fitness and health junkie, this really worked for me and I soon became a Health and Wellness coach, assisting people to live a Healthy and Active lifestyle. And the plus point, I could get my weight and health back on track! Finally I'm living my passion! 

The BEST project you'll
ever work on is YOU

Fast forward to 2017. When the end of 2016 hit, I decided I wanted to change my fitness routine. So yes, I decided to do Crossfit. I'm a competitive person by nature and love doing competitions (did a warrior race and a few 5k and 10k runs) and thought this will definitely be something that will support that nature. Today, almost a year later, I'm seeing amazing changes and love every bit of it!

Throughout my blog, I will share my experiences around it and also how different fitness routines complement each other and much more. I will also explain how important nutrition is and how it can effect your every day life.

I'm also a mom of 2 beautiful kids and it is amazing to teach them also to live a Healthy active lifestyle. You can be a mom and also have a fitness routine. I will share how you can incorporate work, fitness and kids into your lifestyle - #FusionFitMom

I hope you will enjoy reading my posts and get inspired living a Healthy, Active Lifestyle!!