Fusion Fit Mom

Sports Nutrition

Are you doing any type of sport / just love to be active, go to gym or jog etc? If you do not know already, your nutrition is key to great performance and results.

➡️Herbalife24 has products to help you prepare, train and recover. 
➡️The range is customisable based on your specific training schedule. Take training, performance and recovery to the next level with our 24-hour sports nutrition line. 
➡️ Every batch is screened for Prohibited substances by an independent third party. 
➡️ All Herbalife24 products are free from artificial colours. Herbalife24 Prolong, Hydrate, Rebuild Strength and Rebuild Endurance are all free from artificial flavours.

What you will receive:

  • Weekly Motivation
  • Personalised Meal plans
  • Support Group (Facebook & WhatsApp)
  • Weekly follow-up & Support