Hello and welcome to my website. I’m a fitmom of 2 and a fitness fanatic. All my life I have been in some form of fitness…sports in school and also a gym-goer. I love competing and I am ready for any challenge that comes my way.
As a mom, it is important for me to show my kids how you can work hard and also love what you are doing at the same time. I’m a Fitness and Nutrition Coach as well as a graphic designer.

About me

What inspired me to become a Personal coach? 

17 years ago I lost alot of weight due to stress and struggled to gain weight until I found a solution that helped me. When I gained my life back, I was inspired to help other people as well, whether it is weight loss / gain, sports performance or just want to start living a healthier lifestyle. I completed my Fitness instructor and Nutrition coach certificate. I help people to reach their Fitness and Nutrition goals by personalising their programme. Nutrition coach certificate

Follow the link if you are interested in losing weight / gaining weight / living a healthier lifestyle / sports performance etc

Fast forward to the present. I have been doing Crossfit for the past 4 years. (Read my post about my 1st year of Crossfit) I found my passion for this sport after 21 years in the gym. I wanted something new and different that would challenge my body. I not only do Crossfit competitions but also fell in love with Weightlifting.

I’m currently on a journey to compete the first time as an Elite in a Crossfit competition. You can follow my journey on my Instagram. 

I hope that throughout my journey, I can inspire you and a lot of other people out there, to reach for your goals! 

Keep going! Doesn’t matter how hard the journey is.


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