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I’m so excited to share this small business with you. I met this awesome lady, Elnè, owner of ‘The Hustling Homemaker’, at our Crossfit box just recently. She is the kindest person with the biggest heart. I learned that she made clay earrings and thought how awesome would it be to share her beautiful handmade creation with everyone. I mean, we fitmoms and women also need to look and feel beautiful as well and this is just what she achieved though her creativity. Let’s hear from her…

Clay-earrings Crossfit

Tell us more about yourself:

“I’m a 90’s baby (born 23 September 1990) and also a former teacher.”

“I believe in: less scrolling, more strolling; less indoors, more outdoors; less technology, more books; focus on growth, set goals AND achieve them; don’t overthink, rather pray.”

Clay-earrings Profile

When and why did you started ‘The Hustling Home Maker” 

““The Hustling Homemaker” was born on the 4th of July 2019 when I realized I am a servant in a great sense of the word. I serve my friends and family for the sake of love. My HOME is the medium through which I serve best.

I started making clay earrings in October and launched on the 8th of November 2019 (Clay Gossip by The Hustling Homemaker). It started out as a hobby and has escalated to “small business” status. I am so blessed and thankful.”


Servant in a great sense of the word.

I serve my friends and family for the sake of love. My HOME is the medium through which I serve best.

How is your earrings made?

“I use polymer clay to make the earrings. Every single pair/piece is unique in colours, textures, patterns and details. I am also open for custom orders.

Who knew cupcakes and earrings could be made from the same kitchen? At least earrings = 0 calories.”

Clay-earrings brown
Clay-earrings rose turquoise
Clay-earrings rose orange

What is the BEST part of your business?

“The best part of my business is surely the amazing women I get to meet and build relationships with. I am truly honoured, blessed and highly favoured.”

What is the biggest challenge/s you face?

“The biggest challenge would definitely be to achieve ultimate balance when it comes to juggling priorities and managing time. Family time, time spent with friends, building a business, supporting your husband’s business, running a household, being active, investing in your health, cooking balanced meals, having fun, and the list goes on and on and on…” (Learn how to manage your time by ‘Loving Life’)

Any inspirational message/s you want to send out to all the women out there?

Head over to her facebook page to see her creations

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