Fitmom of 3: How to keep up with your daily routine

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Do you as a mom wonder sometimes: “How can I keep up with my daily routine of living healthy, exercising and to get some work done?” 
In this article we will have a look at single fitmom of 3, Elaine, and how she manages to balance her lifestyle. It is possible to achieve your goals one step at a time.

What is your background, tell us more about yourself? What do you currently do?

I’m a Wellness coach, Fitness instructor and also an Estate agent. I also carry the title of ‘WFF Miss World Fitness Bikini’ and my passion is in fitness and helping people to make healthier choices towards their lifestyle.

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As a fitmom of 3, why is fitness and nutrition important to you?

Living a healthy and active lifestyle helps me to maintain my weight, health and it also helps to keep my mind healthy. I want to set an example for my kids and encourage them to do sports and eat healthy.

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How do you manage to be a fitmom of 3, mom and working mom all in one. How is your typical day?

First of all, I have to take care of myself because if I look after myself, I can help other’s as well and be the example for my kids I want to be.  
Nutrition, healthy habits, sleep, drinking water, time management and spiritual health is important for me and I focus on it every single day.


  • I wake up at 5h30am and get kids ready for school.
  • Training at 7-8 am.
  • At the office at 9-1
  • Afternoons I use to follow up with customers and also gain new leads.
  • In the evening it is kids’ time. Put the phone down and spend some quality time with them before they go to bed.

As a single mom, sometimes I have to take my kids with me for viewings and setting up boards. They understand mommy has to work to give them a better future and enjoy the time with me.

Since my kids also love sports, they are very busy in the afternoons with their activities. My daughter loves her ballet and will also start playing netball from next year on.
My youngest son is too young for sports yet, but he loves watching sport. I see he will be a great rugby player in the future. 
My eldest son is the busiest one of them all. He is a top performer in all of his sports – Cricket, Rugby and Athletics. I enjoy watching his games as this is also a form of relaxation for me.

What is the best and most important time of your day?

When I go to bed, lol. Yes, but seriously when I go to bed I feel I have accomplished so much in the day and can rest to wake up and do it all over again.

Share with us your weekly fitness routine. What is your goals?
  • Everyday I will start with 10 minutes of cardio. Either on the treadmill or on the bike.
  • Every second day I will focus on my abs together with my daily strength routine.
  • Twice per week I will focus on my legs.
  • Twice per week I will focus on my calves and shoulders.
  • Squats every second day. I work on Chest and biceps; Back and triceps together with squats on separate days.
  • My favourite movement is push ups because it is basic overall workout. It helps you to walk  and sit straight and of course, make you stronger.
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Share with us your daily nutrition.

As a busy mom, I do not always have time to prepare my meals so I chose to have 1-2 Herbalife nutritional shakes per day together with extra protein. I love drinking my shakes as I know it is full of nutrition and will also help me towards my goal of building lean muscle mass.

My snacks usually is an apple / tuna / yogurt / tablespoon peanut butter.

Dinner is always healthy and consists of carbs, protein and good fats.

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Any inspirational message/s you can share with all the women out there.

Set an example for your kids by teaching them the value of living a healthy active lifestyle and showing it. Even if you just go for a walk and have healthy family dinners. (Have a look here for  a healthy dinner idea)

Focus on having a positive mindset everyday. Work on personal development. The 2 books I’m reading currently is:Battle field of the mind” and “Confident woman“. 
It is important to work on you mindset everyday because you can’t have a positive life with a negative mind. (Elaine – Fitmom of 3)

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