How to keep your focus on your New Year’s resolutions

Another year has gone and most of us have already made New Year’s resolutions. But as most of you know, it can be really hard to stick to it. I myself have fallen into that trap, but have learned how to stick to my goals by follow these tips.

Set realistic goals

Ok so January came and you decided you really want to lose 20kg’s in a month or 2. The 1st thing you do is to head out to your nearest gym, sign up and train like there is no tomorrow. Training without a plan is a ticket to disaster and a month or 2 down the line you quit with no results whatsoever. 
Realistically you will not lose that much weight in such a short space of time. You did not gain 20kg’s in a month, why try to lose it in a month? You have to focus on your nutrition as well, have to detox and rest. 
This brings me to the next point…

Short and Long-term goals

This really helped me to break down my goals into smaller goals. 

So for this example, you decided to lose 20kg’s and your long-term goal is 6 months. The mistake most people make is just to think about that 6 months instead of thinking of 1 x 6 months. YES…1 month at a time. Let’s break that down even more…1 x 24 weeks OR 180 days
Write down what you would like to achieve each day, week and month. You will stay more motivated by enjoying the every day goals that you’ve achieved.

Set up a plan

Instead of just going to the gym without knowing what you are going to do, search for a workout program to follow. There are tons of programs on the internet. I would usually take 3 different programs and personalised it to my specific goals. OR sign up with a personal trainer just to get started.

The second thing to focus on is your Nutrition plan. Just as exercise is important, so is your nutrition as well. Nutrition compliments your training.  

For more on nutrition and recovery follow this linklit. 


A Goal without a Plan
is just a Wish


Stick with your plan

There will be days that you will be less motivated than other days and it is OK! You are just human. What really helped me in the past, is to focus on how I feel after a workout OR to focus on what I have achieved thus far. This always helps me to get that positive feeling and ‘wanting to go back for more’.

If you feel tempted to eat bad (not on your ‘cheat day’), just remember the last time you ate bad and how that made you feel.

By putting an emotional connection towards your actions, can help you stay on track. Try it!


Track your progress

Keep a small notebook with you always and write down each and every accomplishment you have achieved, doesn’t matter how small it is. This will show you where you were and where you are at present. It’s a great motivational tool.

Enjoy the process … Rome wasn’t build in 1 da

Share your journey

Share your results and achievements with friends and family. Talking about your successes and struggles will make your journey easier. Support groups also works great as everyone in the group are all on the similar  journey as you.

After you have reached your goals, why not write about it? It can inspire others that are on the same journey as you!


A year from now, you will wish you started today…
Enjoy your journey! 

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