Live Love Lift – Weightlifting.. what you need to know


Live Love Lift (Weightlifting)…Want to compete in a weightlifting competition? What you need to know for you 1st weightlifting competition.

It has been a while since I’ve written and would love to share what happened the past few months. As most of you know I have a passion for Crossfit and have been working hard on all the skills, but he biggest thing I truly love, is lifting and lifting HEAVY. (Live love lift)

So recently I approached my coach regarding weightlifting. I wanted to start with lifting competitions although my lifts would be far below than all the professionals. I just wanted to start somewhere. The main reason, as mentioned, is that I love lifting heavy, but I also wanted to engage in weightlifting to help me with my form and technique.


Weightlifting more than I expected

So, the training started and WOW I absolutely loved every second of it. I have an awesome coach that help me with every detail of my form. When I Iift, it’s the only thing on my mind. It’s me against the bar. I focus on every aspect of my lift…Start, Pull, Quick elbows, Dip. I had a bad habit of starting too quick, which my coach quickly sorted out with me, so I just focus on “Slow over the knees, then EXPLODE”.  SO I was sooo ready for my first comp and couldn’t wait!


First competition a BLAST!

So the day has come, my 1st Weightlifting competition! I could barely sleep that night and was so excited. One of the aspects I did not take real note of was different weight categories, so I ended up lifting with ladies that weigh 6-7kg more than me, but this did not bother me…I mean, I was going to lift on the platform for the 1st time!!

With warm up, I really started to get nervous and my coach just calmed me and say, ‘Just do what you did in the box’. Still with jitters, I heard my name and walked up. It was Snatches, one of the lifts I’m not as good at, but I just took a deep breath and lift. Once I realised this is not so bad, the other 2 lifts went great! 3 out of 3 lifts = GREAT!! I knew I can do this again. Clean and Jerk came up and again, 2 out of 3 lifts as I had a slight press at the top with the last lift. Nevertheless, I was Flabbergasted!! My coach high-fived me and said: “Well done, 1st competition done.”

 I felt so great to have accomplished something I would never could have done a year ago.

Revising my competition lifts

A week after my competition my coach approached me, and said the Head judge came to him after the competition and said I have a slight pause before the final pull, just above the knees. They let it go as this was my 1st comp but I had to work on perfecting my form once again. I saw this as an opportunity to improve my lifts again. So with my second competition, I was assure to not pause anywhere during my movements and I got 6 out of 6 lifts with a PB on Clean and Jerk on the platform @ 60kg’s!

It’s January 2019 and I am already training for my next weightlifting competition, it can only get better from here.

How weightlifting helped me with my Crossfit movements

As expected, my lifting overall improved in my Crossfit WODS as well. Not only did my overall lifting improved, but even Bar Muscle ups and since I’m still working on progressions on Ring muscle ups that also improved as I use my hips more and my elbows are quicker, which I also use for my weightlifting. How amazing!!t


Remember your nutrtition

The most important part of your training is how well you recover afterwards and making sure your body gets optimal nutrition to repair and recover your muscles. Read all about Nutrition and recovery here.


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