Loving Life

Yes, just like that, Loving life. You probably wonder: “Ok, great. It is easy to love life”. But then you get caught up between work, family, fitness, eating healthy and trying to drink enough water and you ask yourself: “How can I do it with everything going on?”

Well, I can tell you it is possible. You see, when you are caught up between all the ‘stuff’, we tend to forget one thing… and that is to love the thing you are doing at the moment you are doing it. You heard it! We can’t attend to everything at once, why not take one thing at a time then?

I know what you are probably saying: “That will be great, but where do I take or let go?” Well, easy, create a daily diary for yourself.

Let me tell you, I understand how you feel. I am a mom of 2 very busy kids. Like me, my kids love sports and both of them are doing two sports. Just to get them to school, train, work, get them from school, go to their activities, doing homework and making dinner, can be daunting and that’s why it is so important to focus on one thing at a time. Even just to wake up is a priority on it’s own LOL.


My life… End of last year, I decided am going to do my 1st Elite Crossfit competition in October and I knew it is going to be alot more training and putting much more effort than I usually do. That’s why my time in the morning from 7-9 to train is important for me and that is what I focus on. And yes every day with my extra training I already know what I will be doing. When I get home, I 1st have my healthy breakfast because nutrition is important to me. I will then attend to my customers and share motivational messages to them, schedule follow up appointments and also advertise. After that I will shower and then what is left of the day, do my things I need to finish before I pick up the kids.

After 2pm in the afternoons it is kids time, and if you are a mom reading this you know how afternoons are. If I do have time to do work, I will take another hour and focus on what I need to do.

I do everything with effort and passion and I love every moment in my life.

So why not try and create a daily diary and to-do-list for yourself. Focus on each moment and you will soon see that your are in fact ‘Loving Life’



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