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What my clients have learned throughout their health and fitness journey with me:

  • Learn how to do macro counting and with that learn about portion control
  • How to eat to have energy to train
  • You do not have to deprive yourself from food to see results
  • How to exercise at home with limited equipment
  • What to do when you want a cheat meal and still see results

What other moms and women have to say about the program

Geertje de Beer

"I am a mom of 3 kiddies. It seems as if you have no time for self care. If you do not care for yourself, how can you care effectively for your family? I reached out to Chantelle and what seemed as a mountain became a small bump. I have reached my goal of loosing 10kg in 3 months and due to the lifestyle changes that grew through the program, I have been staying at my goal weight for 3 months now. Worth every cent"

Louise Lyons

"At first I thought I'm eating too much food with this program, but as Chantelle explained, I'm feeding my body proper nutrition for the first time in my life. The recipes is very delicious and as a bonus I've lost 3.5kg's and 20cm in 2 weeks without exercising. I'm starting my exercise program with Chantelle and can't wait to see more results"

Elaine Watkins

"Chantelle helped me with my diet and I've learned about portion control. I've noticed that I do not eat enough for the results I want and since I followed her guidance, I've gained muscle and have more energy for my workouts. Definitely recommend her."


"I am not a mom but Chantelle helped me. I love exercise but Chantelle just came to motivate me more with her exercise program and ideas around healthy eating. It's tough, but fun and results are a given! And she's with you all the way ... Best personal coach around


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm so impressed with everything. I'm so excited and not hungry the whole time. I enjoy the food a lot. I have energy for days! I'm also so relieved that I do not have to eat bland food to get results"


Thanking Chantelle for helping me to break a long weight plato with a balanced eating plan for my lifestyle and incorporating enjoyable exercise that fits into my schedule.💪🏻Giving me the tools to learn how to achieve my goals and still enjoy a social life with friends and family, while still feeling fit and healthy🤩


I'm 55 years old. In August I started training with Chantelle. In almost 3 months I notice my body is much stronger! Everything I do is so much easier. I also lost cm's and wear clothes that used to fit tight on me. I enjoy every moment of the Bootcamp!


Thanks to Chantelle for giving me a great exercise routine and helping me to have a better lifestyle. I'm still a work in progress but in just 4 months on the program I'm able to do burpees, pushups, jumping jacks. I've also lost 10kg's but not done yet and now make better choices when it comes to food


Thanks to Chantelle and the program she made for me and my wife. On this program I have lost more centimeters and weight than I would have at the gym. Even though I struggled in the begining to get out of bed in the mornings, I can now say I have the energy and willpower back!! The great thing about Chantelle's program is that I can do it anywhere in the world ( I travel quite frequently). Thanks Chantelle for the great program, it's been worthwhile my journey.

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Kickstart your Journey

ONLINE Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Start of program:
R990 for Meal and Workout plan
(1st Month with coaching)

Then you have options after 1 month

Option 1
Monthly coaching R890pm
Option 2
3 Month coaching R2270 once off (Save R400)
Option 3
6 Month coaching R4270 once off (Save R1070)

Partner package available on request

Are you brand new to fitness/nutrition OR need guidance and support from a coach throughout your current journey?

Get Strong - Get Fit

ONLINE Fitness Coaching

Start of program:
R690 for Workout plan
(1st Month with coaching)

Then you have options after 1 month

Option 1
Monthly coaching R590pm
Option 2
3 Month coaching R1500 once off (Save R270)
Option 3
6 Month coaching R2830 once off (Save R710)

Partner package available on request

Are you on a nutrition plan but need guidance with a fitness plan?
All fitness levels!

Boost your Nutrition

ONLINE Nutirtion Coaching

Start of program:
R790 for Meal plan
(1st Month with coaching)

Then you have options after 1 month

Option 1
Monthly coaching R440pm
Option 2
3 Month coaching R1120 once off (Save R200)
Option 3
6 Month coaching R2110 once off (Save R530)

Partner package available on request

Are you already training but is in need of a nutrition plan to get that final results? OR do you want to start with a nutrition plan?

Personal training (PTA East)

In the comfort of your own home

R250 per session
R920 for 4 sessions (Save R80)
R1760 for 8 sessions (Save R240)
R2580 for 12 sessions (Save R420) 

Partner / Friend Package
R400 per session

Don’t feel uncomfortable in a gym. At home environment is beneficial for individuals seeking to train without the rush of a gym.


Personal and Online training

R1380 Online training with
4 Personal training sessions

R2210 Online training with
8 Personal training sessions
R2800 Online training with
12 Personal training sessions

Combine Online and Personal training to be sure to have unlimited workouts and get even better results!

Online Personal training

In the comfort of your own home

R150 per session
R500 for 4 sessions (Save R100)
R920 for 8 sessions (Save R280)
R1260 for 12 sessions (Save R540) 

Partner / Friend Package
R250 per session

Train with me online on your computer. You only need basic equipment and some space in your home.

Continuous Coaching

Online Fitness ONLY

R385pm to stay on the Everfit app

If you are happy with your program and don’t need follow up but only need your workouts on the app, then this is for you

How it Works

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Choose a program that fits your needs

Frequently asked questions

Stop stressing about your health and fitness goals. I’m here to help you reach your goals too! With my easy to use program that is personalised according to your needs, you will be sure to reach your goals easy and effectively.

  • I don't have time to track my food

    With your mealplan, you do not have to track anything. Just follow your mealplan each day and you will reach your target

  • I can't go to a gym to train

    No problem! You only need basic equipment and your program is personalised according to the equipment you do have

  • I don't have hours to train

    You can let me know how much time you do have and I will personalise your workout. You don't need hours to train, only 15min per day will make a difference

  • What about my family. I don't want to make double food

    The program is personalised according to your goals but all the recipes can be made for your family to enjoy. It is healthy and delicious!

  • What if I do not have time to train a specific day

    No worries. I know that live can get in the way, just let me know and workout the next day.





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