Elements of a successful fitness plan

There is one common thing among new trainees… They all go over the different exercises in the gym because somebody else told them to do so. However, they don’t know the logic behind it. They lack knowledge. As a matter of fact, most people DO NOT know what they are doing in the gym before …

Sweet & Sour Chicken

Try this quick and tasty Sweet & Sour Chicken. Easy to prepare and healthy.
You can use any vegetables you prefer.

Fitmom of 3

Fitmom of 3: How to keep up with your daily routine

Do you as a mom wonder sometimes: “How can I keep up with my daily routine of living healthy, exercising and to get some work done?”  In this article we will have a look at single fitmom of 3, Elaine, and how she manages to balance her lifestyle. It is possible to achieve your goals …

Quick Pasta and Mince

Family just loves pasta and mince. Here is a quick and delicious recipe that my whole family loves. It’s so basic but yet so tasty

Rest day activated: Why your body needs it

Rest day… the dreaded word for anyone that loves to train and train hard! But sometimes we need it and our bodies will tell us when to ‘WHOAH!” Usually it will happens in a form of and injury or just feeling sore, feeling drained or just getting sick. I know it sucks, but take the …